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Mech is Coming


The night is dark and full of terrors.  Wind howled in the night sky, trees battered against moonlit windows. Used mugs clustered on the counter, their contents consumed. The perpetrators lurk around a table nearby, amidst a pile of books and screens. Their caffeine-infused throats chanted elusive words, passed down from ancient times.  “Why isn’t…Continue Reading Mech is Coming

Love Letter to Mechanical

This is it, the last post from me! Thank you so much to those who’ve kept up with us so far – we write these blogs for you and appreciate it when you visit xx Now, I’ll be honest, I’m in that reflective mood. I’m sitting in my apartment, just had a shower after work,…Continue Reading Love Letter to Mechanical

Hunt for the Internship People

Ay yo. It’s ya boy. Skinny GPA. Let’s talk about internships! As you should know by now, all engineering students must complete 800 hours of practical work with an appropriate employer to graduate. Yes. This is compulsory! I know a few fourth-year friends who WON’T be graduating next year because they haven’t completed this requirement….Continue Reading Hunt for the Internship People

Kia Ora!

Hi! I’m Chinmaya (pronounced like “my-chin” but the syllables the other way around). I’m a second-year Mechanical Engineering student here at UoA! I’ve always been super interested in maths and science, so it was a no-brainer to come up to Auckland to study engineering. In my spare time, I play competitive squash, take part in…Continue Reading Kia Ora!

Done and Dusted

Another year done and dusted. I had my last exam last week and it feels so good to be done. No more assignments and tests for 3 months and a long and enjoyable summer out of Auckland to look forward to. As I explained in my first blog, if you are anything like me, you…Continue Reading Done and Dusted

The End of Content

So here we are I’m in the last week of classes, but all assignments are in and all courses have reached the end of their content. With my first exam two weeks away, I have nothing to stress about and I am enjoying having some down time, because I was running on a shortage of…Continue Reading The End of Content