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Goodbye from BME

Salutations to all readers, and welcome to my final blog post of this Biomedical Engineering series.  FINALLY All tests, group projects, presentations, assignments, quizzes, labs, and even exams have come to an end. Merely...



After 12 and a bit weeks, all classes have finally come to their conclusion (yay), and us students are studying hard for our exams (not yay). Well, most students anyway – instead I thought...

Your FUTURE in BME 0


Hello once again, When one is in the process of choosing a specialisation, or even a degree, consideration of the future is just as important as what is happening right now. For Biomedical Engineering, as...

The Storm 0

The Storm

Oh how time flies when you are having fun. Or when you have a MEDSCI test tomorrow, and a BIOMENG 241 test the week after.  Yep, things went from pretty chill to hectic in...


Part II BME Part II

It’s been 8 weeks since the start of Semester Two and what a tumultuous 8 weeks they’ve been. On the first Monday back after mid-semester break, we had what I considered to be the...

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