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Byezers BME Blog!

Ahh, finally time to say goodbye to this blog and to being Part Two! I’m so proud of all of us for surviving…ish… and for serving academic excellence 💅 Ahaha, I’m sure we’re all more than ready to move onto greener pastures. Note: Heard word from a lil’ birdie that you readers want to see…Continue Reading Byezers BME Blog!

Live, Laugh, Love BME Sem Two

Hi my dears! Time truly is zooming by isn’t it? Hope everyone is settling in well at Uni! Back again with another Paper Run, this time Sem Two edition! Overview Sem 2 has been far more engaging and relevant to BME than Sem 1. Class size has now dramatically decreased from like 100-odd (ENGSCI +…Continue Reading Live, Laugh, Love BME Sem Two

BME – Tiny But Mighty!

Heya friends! I’m Ashley Jubelag, your Biomedical Engineering Blogger for 2023! ♡\( ̄▽ ̄)/♡ Over the next few months, I’ll be giving my honest perspectives on BME (and why I (still) love it so much!) If you’re hardcore on BME, or even if you’re just looking – stick around, and hopefully, these blogs will help guide you…Continue Reading BME – Tiny But Mighty!

Expectations of BME

You’ve heard enough about sem 1 courses. You’ve heard enough about sem 2 courses. You’ve heard enough about internships. So, what have you not heard enough about yet? There are a few things to know before choosing this specialisation so you are not completely surprised next year, should you take it. Medicine. In second year,…Continue Reading Expectations of BME

Semester 2 of BME

Welcome back to the blog! Hope everyone is doing well during the exam period. As we marked the end of semester 2 a few weeks back, I can now tell you what you can actually expect from it. For starters, I would say it is slightly worse than semester 1 (which is shocking as I…Continue Reading Semester 2 of BME