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BME – Tiny But Mighty!

Heya friends! I’m Ashley Jubelag, your Biomedical Engineering Blogger for 2023! ♡\( ̄▽ ̄)/♡ Over the next few months, I’ll be giving my honest perspectives on BME (and why I (still) love it so much!) If you’re hardcore on BME, or even if you’re just looking – stick around, and hopefully, these blogs will help guide you…Continue Reading BME – Tiny But Mighty!

Expectations of BME

You’ve heard enough about sem 1 courses. You’ve heard enough about sem 2 courses. You’ve heard enough about internships. So, what have you not heard enough about yet? There are a few things to know before choosing this specialisation so you are not completely surprised next year, should you take it. Medicine. In second year,…Continue Reading Expectations of BME

Semester 2 of BME

Welcome back to the blog! Hope everyone is doing well during the exam period. As we marked the end of semester 2 a few weeks back, I can now tell you what you can actually expect from it. For starters, I would say it is slightly worse than semester 1 (which is shocking as I…Continue Reading Semester 2 of BME

BME Sem 1 Summary

Hello again😊 Hope everyone had a relaxing midsemester break. I am not sure how that would be possible for any engineering student but at least to some extent, I hope that you can describe your break as somewhat or remotely relaxing. I spent most of my break studying for midsemester tests, projects, and assignments. Nothing…Continue Reading BME Sem 1 Summary

Group work gamble

Group assignments – loved or loathed by anyone randomly assigned to complete a 20% assignment with a group of strangers. In a sort of last-ditch effort to show you why Biomedical Engineering is so fun, I thought I’d tell you a little about the group assignments I’ve done this year. As a disclaimer, this second…Continue Reading Group work gamble