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Uni Life in Lockdown (2021 Edition) 1

Uni Life in Lockdown (2021 Edition)

Hey guys! Hope you’re coping well in lockdown. Thought I’d quickly tell you guys about my experience in lockdown between first year and this year. So – lockdown is no fun for anyone, but...

Past, present, and future 0

Past, present, and future

This year was incredibly amazing. Sorry I had to rewrite that sentence about 10 times and I settled on something lame like that. It was filled with lots of ups and downs, mostly relating...


Remember Me?

Helloooo everyone! Hopefully some of you remember me from writing for The Inside Word last year, since I’m assuming most of you guys reading this are first years. Well, guess what? I’ve decided to...

Final Post For The Year 0

Final Post For The Year

Hi everyone, I hope you have been reading and liking my posts here and I hope I was able to provide you with the average CompSys life. If you have been reading this that...


Time to Decide?

Kia ora! So I hope that you have all been enjoying the posts I have been making this year and that I was able to give you a slight “appetizer” of the software life. ...

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