Uni Life in Lockdown (2021 Edition)

Hey guys! Hope you’re coping well in lockdown. Thought I’d quickly tell you guys about my experience in lockdown between first year and this year.

So – lockdown is no fun for anyone, but sometimes we just got to make do. Flashback to March 2020 – a time I’m sure we all remember. It would’ve been about maybe my 5 or 6th week into uni. Then the nation wide lockdown occurs. Now I hadn’t been at uni very long so adjusting to the workload online was a bit of a shock. The first time watching online lectures – doing online tutorials and labs was all a bit tricky and meant I found it quite hard to keep my motivation to watch the lectures of the paper(s) I didn’t enjoy – because 1. I didn’t like it and 2. there was no one there to check if I had. So yes the inevitable happened and I fell slightly behind in those papers – so now comes my inspirational advice: please stay on top of the workload!! I know how easy it is to get behind – saying ‘i’ll just watch it tomorrow’  and before you know it ‘tomorrows’ turned into a weeks worth of lectures to catch up on. So really focus on getting into some sort of routine – and forming good habits around uni which are maintainable.

Once I got in the swing of things everything was much easier – though I did find it harder to reach out for help. Now if this happens to you, I would really recommend reaching out to either your friends or utilising the online zoom tutorials. I know they aren’t the same – but if you need the help just take 10 minutes with one of the TA’s and it will make a world of difference.

Flash-forward to now – lockdown August 2021. New year same thing. 2 big differences I have found this time around is 1. I don’t struggle with motivation as much because I enjoy (most) of the papers I’m doing – so it seems less of a chore to watch them. So if thats you now, struggling with motivation – stick through it to the end – I know it can seem like it sucks now but just keep at it  until things go back to normal. 2. I have figured out what works for me and what doesn’t in terms of studying. I know that if force myself to sit at my desk for hours on end and watch the lectures my brain will become fried about 50 minutes in. So remember to take breaks – be active – go for a walk outside – get some fresh air and then try again with your work. I promise you will be so much more productive if you consistently take breaks rather than forcing yourself to sit at your desk for hours on end.

Once again – hope you’re all coping in lockdown, remember to get outside and stay active if you can!

— Izzy 🙂

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