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Enginearing my limit

And here we are! The last post of 2022, and I’m officially halfway through my degree! It’s fair to say this year hasn’t been all rainbows and butterflies, but it’s been one hell of a ride.  Because I have no idea what to talk about, here’s a few life/uni tips from a dummy (me!) that…Continue Reading Enginearing my limit

A day in the life (of an intern)

Because I procrastinated writing these blog posts (totally not posting three times in one day), you now get to deal with a post-exam Sarina who’s already a month into her internship. Lucky you! I’m currently a Systems Engineering Intern at Beca as part of the Beca Applied Technologies, commonly abbreviated as BAT. They’ve kinda taken…Continue Reading A day in the life (of an intern)

The duck of engineering

Alright, so the burning question y’all want answered – why did I end up choosing mechatronics? (For those of you who haven’t read my first post, I spent the majority of the second half of Part I deciding between mechanical and mechatronics. What made me lean towards the “tronics” side of the fence?) Genuinely, a…Continue Reading The duck of engineering

Goodbye + Good Luck

This is my last post for 2022! Sorry the last posts have been a bit delayed, first there was exam season and now I’m deep into my internship! I hope my posts have helped in some way to determine your specialisation and maybe I even convinced you to choose mechanical! I haven’t mentioned too much…Continue Reading Goodbye + Good Luck

Advice from the Industry

Today I asked my colleagues at my internship for advice about coming out of University and entering the industry. I asked two engineers in my office that I work with, Hannah who studied structural engineering and Blaine who studied mechanical engineering. I am currently working at Thermosash Commercial Ltd. I didn’t ask mechanical specific questions…Continue Reading Advice from the Industry

bye2022 :)

Hey team! Was meant to write this earlier but have been #working 😎 It’s been awesome, feels a bit crazy being away from home for so long but have enjoyed it all so far! Anyway, welcome to my final blog post of this year! This will just be a short blog of my closing thoughts…Continue Reading bye2022 🙂


What a year it has been. Eight courses and a handful of exams later, I am now only one result away from being able to tick this year off. As I cast my eyes across the last two semesters that are all but behind me, with a mixture of relief and contentment (thankfully without contempt)…Continue Reading Goodby-EEE

Semester 2 done and dusted!

Semester 2 has finally come to an end! Fair warning, it goes extremely fast, everyone I’ve talked to thought so as well. Maybe its just us getting older and time going faster but be prepared to be utterly confused as to how you are already a month into the semester. Anyways, this post is going…Continue Reading Semester 2 done and dusted!