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themes – volume 1

I thought that I might share with you all some thematic consistencies that I have noticed across my courses this year. While these motifs may be broad in their scope, and as such can be applied to any engineering specialization, I will try and put an EEE twist to them all. Simulations and their pitfalls…Continue Reading themes – volume 1

Sem 1: a review ft. The Office

Hey everyone, it’s me again.   I’ve recently (and by recently I mean for the last 2 years) been rewatching The Office (US) and so if you’ve read my last post, you already know what’s about to happen – get ready for some terrible analogies as I tell you all about my experiences with semester…Continue Reading Sem 1: a review ft. The Office

Sem 1 of Compsys

G’day, your friendly neibourhood compsys man or whatever here. Today we’re talking sem 1 of compsys, which is actually the exact same as it is for electrical students but yep.   ElectEng 291 Fundamentals of Electrical Engineering This is the continuation of good ol ElectEng 101, in this course you kinda actually understand the formulas/circuits…Continue Reading Sem 1 of Compsys

Sem 1 Flashbacks

Well hey there! Are you surviving? I hope so! If not, I’m sending hugs and good vibes through the screen :DD And as promised, a breakdown of the semester 1 courses, in all their glory!  MECHENG 201: Introduction to Mechatronics Do you love Hazim with all your heart? I’m glad you do, because there’s never…Continue Reading Sem 1 Flashbacks