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Wrapping up

As I conclude this semester in the field of computer systems engineering, I find myself in a reflective state, contemplating the incredible journey I’ve embarked upon. Opting for this specialization was a significant decision for me, one that has profoundly shaped my identity and perspective within the tech industry. Throughout this semester, I’ve delved deeply…Continue Reading Wrapping up

A Close Look At 209

(ELECTENG/COMPSYS 209) Disclaimer:This will, by no doubt, be the hardest course you would have taken in the first 2 years of electrical / compsys engineering. It will take so much of your time and it is quite heavy on electrical concepts, so if you are thinking about doing compsys after not getting into software but…Continue Reading A Close Look At 209

Exploring Electronics and Algorithms: ELECTENG 292 and SOFTENG 284

ELECTENG 292 : Electronics This course starts off amazingly with opamps. The thing that EVERYONE understood and LOVED in 101… If you’re scared about these dodgy triangles and didn’t understand anything (like me), then you’re literally chilling. I was sacking it for a bit when I realised how important these components are in electronics, but…Continue Reading Exploring Electronics and Algorithms: ELECTENG 292 and SOFTENG 284

Sem 1 of Compsys

G’day, your friendly neibourhood compsys man or whatever here. Today we’re talking sem 1 of compsys, which is actually the exact same as it is for electrical students but yep.   ElectEng 291 Fundamentals of Electrical Engineering This is the continuation of good ol ElectEng 101, in this course you kinda actually understand the formulas/circuits…Continue Reading Sem 1 of Compsys

Enter Computer Systems

G’day, I’m Lachlan Hickey and welcome to the part 2 Computer Systems blog for 2022. Bit about me; I was in computer science for a semester before switching to engineering in second sem with the plan to do mechanical but William, 131 and the boolean algebra stuff in 101 made me wanna act up and…Continue Reading Enter Computer Systems

Computer Systems: The End

Welcome to the final blog post! I have really enjoyed writing these blog posts, peeling back the layers of Computer Systems and revealing my beautiful cover photos. It has been a nice creative outlet over the last several months and maybe I’ll keep writing somehow… A brief update on the last half of Semester Two……Continue Reading Computer Systems: The End