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Hey boys and girls! Today I’m going to talk about the most software heavy paper we do this year, COMPSYS202. The lecturers are great, the people who didn’t get into software are now happy and we get to do this paper with mechatronics students which is pretty dope too. COMPSYS202 basically extends what you learn…Continue Reading OOPs

Mainly 209

Three weeks have gone past so far into semester 2 and, as usual, the workload has already started to pile up. However, the cool thing about this workload in particular is that it’s all project work. We only have 1 exam to ‘look forward to’ this semester. But of course that just means that these…Continue Reading Mainly 209

Beep Boop

If you’re interested in making things go beep and boop then you’re in the right place. Hi I’m Jonathan and I’m this years computer systems blogger. I chose computer systems because I’m the type of person that’s unable to stick with one thing. I have the attention span of a goldfish so having the ability…Continue Reading Beep Boop

Semester 2 so far

Hi everyone! We are halfway through the second semester and its getting busy. We have our 209 project and labs due every week for 209. However, the labs help us understand the project specifications and allows us to do the project tasks with a little ease but it still is pretty hectic. We have tests…Continue Reading Semester 2 so far

What’s a Social Life?

It has been exactly 10 weeks and Computer systems hasn’t let me down, not even once. The lecturers are extremely nice and amazing teachers. The two hour long lectures do tend to get tiring and it gets harder to concentrate but overall, it’s not too bad. This semester we have 3 two-hour long lectures, from…Continue Reading What’s a Social Life?

Kunal’s introduction

Hi there, I am Kunal and I am studying Computer Systems Engineering. Here are some things about me. I was born in India but moved to New Zealand when I was 8 years old. I am pretty athletic, as I do karate, cricket, hockey and I used to play basketball I love coffee and chocolate…Continue Reading Kunal’s introduction