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Semester 2 Summary

Hey everyone! Sorry it’s been a while, but exams are finally finished woohoo! I’ve got a few days break before I start my internship so thought I’d make the most of the free time to give you guys a summary of all the courses I took this semester just like I did for semester 1….Continue Reading Semester 2 Summary

Industry and Internships

Hey all, welcome back. So, right now you guys are all probably stressing about which specialisation you’re going to choose, and all of us Part II’s are stressing about finding internships. So, for this post I thought I’d give you an idea of the types of companies you could potentially intern at as a CHEMMAT…Continue Reading Industry and Internships

Social life of a CHEMMAT student

Hey everyone! Now that we’re in the midst of lockdown, thought I’d reminisce on all the fun social events I’ve been to throughout the year. Even as an engineering student you can definitely still make time for a social life. Between CMESA (Chemical and Materials Engineering Students Association), WEN (Women in Engineering Network), and AUES…Continue Reading Social life of a CHEMMAT student

Another Year Down

Hey everyone, congratulations!! We all survived another year of university! Hopefully you all made it through your exams okay, and have almost decided on which specialisation is the best for you! This is, unfortunately, my final blog post of the year 😢 so I thought I would just give a brief summary of what happened…Continue Reading Another Year Down

Why did we choose Chemmat?

So right now, you’re probably really in the midst of deciding what specialisation you are going to choose, and if you’re still reading my posts I assume maybe Chemmat is up there in your top options?? (No hard feelings if it’s not… no seriously… it’s fine 🙃) Early in the year, I made a post…Continue Reading Why did we choose Chemmat?

Lecturers Write my Blog Post!

Hellooo, happy mid-semester break! For this blog, I thought I would give you a different perspective on what chemmat has to offer, so some of my lecturers have kindly offered some of their experiences and advice! Featuring… Amanda DiIenno, Thomas Loho and Steve Matthews 🤗   What made you decide to study chemical engineering? Amanda…Continue Reading Lecturers Write my Blog Post!