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Opportunities: A discussion on Clubs, Conjoints and Exchanges

Contents Opportunities Engineering offers a wide amount of opportunities. These opportunities, although present, do require you to take the initiative. Unsubsidised, moving into 2024, UoA engineering uni fees will be amounting to $53k per annum 😱… Not to be pessimistic, but that money is going somewhere, and if you don’t seize the opportunities available to…Continue Reading Opportunities: A discussion on Clubs, Conjoints and Exchanges

Introductions and Reflections

Contents About Me Hey there! I’m Victor, a Software and Math conjoint student, and I’ll be your Software Part II Blogger for 2023!  Throughout the next couple of months, I’ll do my best to provide a holistic overview of Software Engineering. I’ll try to touch on topics that haven’t been extensively explored by prior bloggers,…Continue Reading Introductions and Reflections

Sem 1: a review ft. The Office

Hey everyone, it’s me again.   I’ve recently (and by recently I mean for the last 2 years) been rewatching The Office (US) and so if you’ve read my last post, you already know what’s about to happen – get ready for some terrible analogies as I tell you all about my experiences with semester…Continue Reading Sem 1: a review ft. The Office

software reviews: semester two

Wanna hear something crazy? There are 2-ish weeks left of Semester 2. TWO WEEKS. Hearing this definitely made me wonder where the rest of my semester has gone. I thought mid-sem break was just a week ago? Regardless, we’re more than halfway through semester two and I figured I have enough experience to make a…Continue Reading software reviews: semester two

software reviews: semester one

Who would’ve thought we’d be starting and ending this year with online learning. To be honest, I don’t know how I would have survived the last week before mid-semester break without the much needed extension for assignments. They don’t call it “hell week” for no reason :’)) With all my assignments and tests done for…Continue Reading software reviews: semester one

Software yay!

Hey everyone! I’m Jess, the Software Engineering student blogger for 2021, quickly typing up this blog post in the midst of all the assignments. While I do question in these moments why I chose software, I thought I’d share a short overview of how I got here in the first place!    An introduction…  Fresh…Continue Reading Software yay!