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So, you’ve made it into Engineering! Congratulations. I’m sure you’re enjoying it immensely; what with the neverending assignments, deadlines, tests, and whatnot. The one thing you have to look forward to is the summer holidays, right? Surely it’ll be like high school again, hanging out with your mates and doing literally nothing for weeks. Nope….Continue Reading Internships

I Am Not A Master Welder

Some feedback I’ve gotten since my last post was that I didn’t exactly give a glowing review of SE. Don’t get me wrong, I do ABSOLUTELY love what I’m studying. But I refuse to sugarcoat things and I want you guys to 100% know what you’re gonna expect before you get in, and that involves…Continue Reading I Am Not A Master Welder

Remember Me?

Helloooo everyone! Hopefully some of you remember me from writing for The Inside Word last year, since I’m assuming most of you guys reading this are first years. Well, guess what? I’ve decided to continue my promising career as a blogger, because clearly that’s pretty much all I’m good at. We can call it… Part…Continue Reading Remember Me?

Time to Decide?

Kia ora! So I hope that you have all been enjoying the posts I have been making this year and that I was able to give you a slight “appetizer” of the software life.  I hope that you also checked out the other blogger’s posts too because everyone has been contributing a lot of great…Continue Reading Time to Decide?