Software yay!

Hey everyone!

I’m Jess, the Software Engineering student blogger for 2021, quickly typing up this blog post in the midst of all the assignments. While I do question in these moments why I chose software, I thought I’d share a short overview of how I got here in the first place! 


An introduction… 

Fresh from Christchurch, I came into Auckland with no doubt in my mind that I would hopefully complete my Engineering degree specialising in Chemical & Materials. And then we met Paul, our ENGSCI 131 lecturer, and the rest was history. In all seriousness, it was when I was working on our first 131 assignment that I even began to consider other specialisations. Mainly software at that stage – I still had PTSD from the death match-vibes of the mechanics quizzes. 

I knew software was the one when I was procrastinating from other assignments by working on my MATLAB assignment. And also when I realised you could pick different coloured themes in VSCode when we finally started with C. AND when I realised I could use the spec as an excuse to build a PC that is definitely for uni work. Obviously there is a lot more to software than just pretty colours and coding in bed (which is probably why I think Part II is A LOT harder than I expected), but that’s for another post. 😀 

Outside of university, I like to play video games (even though I lose 99% of the time), read books and play sudoku. Which sounds really sad, but when uni is taking up my whole life basically, it’s hard to find some more exciting hobbies. Or I’m just procrastinating from that as well. Regardless, life so far has been… not bad. It’s definitely stressful, but are you really an engineering student if you aren’t stressed? :’)

I’m excited to write more about software – I can’t wait to share the good and the not so good experiences I’ve encountered in this journey. If you guys have any questions about software, or engineering, or just life in general, don’t be shy and shoot me a message. I may be the worst at replying, but I can guarantee a reply nonetheless! Just give it a couple of days.

On that note, I’ll see y’all in the next post! :>