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Why Mechatronics?

Hi everyone, and welcome to the second-to-last instalment of my blogs. As I was procrastinating and also pondering on what to write about next, it occurred to me that a lot of you may...

SummAH Internships 0

SummAH Internships

One of the worst experiences I’ve had this year is looking for internships. I have spent many hours scrolling Seek, Student Job Search and LinkedIn to try and find a role over summer that...


Why should you choose software?

This is a little bittersweet. After finally finishing my last assignment for the semester, it’s crazy that I get the chance to reflect on my journey once more and tell you guys all about...

Sem 2 Paper Run 0

Sem 2 Paper Run

As we approach exams, its time to start reviewing the content from this semester. Oooor watching Netflix while pretending to study. I have loved most of the content this semester, but revision is tedious....


Computer Systems: The End

Welcome to the final blog post! I have really enjoyed writing these blog posts, peeling back the layers of Computer Systems and revealing my beautiful cover photos. It has been a nice creative outlet...

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