Category: Engineering Science


Semester 2 vibe check

Hey y’all, Are you vibing? Despite the relief we feel post-exams, it can still be a nervous time while we wait for our final results to arrive on SSO. Are you going to make...


Semester 2 Wrap

We’re back team! Themes for this semester: groups, proofs, Excel and…. IC4! Semester 2 has been EngSci as its most raw form expressed through the likes of ENGSCI 255, ENGSCI 263 and a special...


A Day in the Life of.

Welcome back to another post of “why did I choose EngSci.” Now, this isn’t a second-semester review because I want to make the next one really detailed. Although, this does give me a chance...


Here to Play Russian Roulette?

Engineering Science so far has been like riding a roller-coaster with no seatbelt, blind. Confused? Let’s review and use a scene from “The Office” as an analogy to further explore the idea. Here, Andy’s...

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