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bye2022 :)

Hey team! Was meant to write this earlier but have been #working 😎 It’s been awesome, feels a bit crazy being away from home for so long but have enjoyed it all so far! Anyway, welcome to my final blog post of this year! This will just be a short blog of my closing thoughts…Continue Reading bye2022 🙂

engsci s2 recap #vibes?

My sincerest apologies for being MIA over the past couple of months. All I can really say is I was goin thru it ! As in like crying in the architecture toilets .. crying in the kate edgar toilets .. u name it I’ve cried there probably #mentalbreakdowns and can’t lie, this semester was the…Continue Reading engsci s2 recap #vibes?

Suffering Time

Hey team! I’m Natalie, a part II Engineering Science and Asian Studies conjoint student, and I’m your engsci blogger for this year! Hope you’re all having a good time in first year so far, must’ve been tough being online for the first few weeks of University Life- but been there done that, it only goes…Continue Reading Suffering Time

Good vibes only!

As the sun sets later each day, the closer we are to the end of Semester two! Woohoo, can’t wait for summer! In semester two I took 5 papers; ENGSCI263, ENGGEN204, MECHENG270, FINANCE251, and COMLAW101. Although this was the first time I took 5 papers, this semester was much easier and less stressful than the…Continue Reading Good vibes only!

Ben’s Internship Hunt

The Internship Hello! Today I thought I would do more of a traditional blog where I just yarn to you guys about my internship hunt. One of my favourite movies is actually The Internship starring Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson so I thought why not go through the process of how I got an internship…Continue Reading Ben’s Internship Hunt