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What a year it has been. Eight courses and a handful of exams later, I am now only one result away from being able to tick this year off. As I cast my eyes across the last two semesters that are all but behind me, with a mixture of relief and contentment (thankfully without contempt)…Continue Reading Goodby-EEE


Goodness gracious it’s just about the end of year two! As much as I may not like the way that it sounds when said out loud, this marks the halfway point of my degree. Having reached midway one might expect feelings of confidence, competence or even congruence in regard to one’s specialisation … I had…Continue Reading Why-EEE?

themes – volume 1

I thought that I might share with you all some thematic consistencies that I have noticed across my courses this year. While these motifs may be broad in their scope, and as such can be applied to any engineering specialization, I will try and put an EEE twist to them all. Simulations and their pitfalls…Continue Reading themes – volume 1

Final thoughts and goodbye

Guess who’s back for the final time…. I thought I would end this series of blog posts with a reflection on the past year and some thoughts on what comes next after Part 2 electrical. I’m not going to lie. This has been, by far, the most challenging semester. There have been many moments where…Continue Reading Final thoughts and goodbye

My internship hunt experience

For a long time, I didn’t think I’d write with this post. My internship hunting experience had been months upon months of disappointment and rejection, and I didn’t feel in any place to impart wisdom. But, things are looking better now, and I swear this post isn’t me humble bragging about gaining an internship, but rather,…Continue Reading My internship hunt experience

A summary of electrical part two

My highly anticipated review/summary of the part 2 electrical courses is here. Enjoy~ Semester one ELECTENG 291: Fundamentals of Electrical Engineering This is THE electrical paper in semester one. Taught by William Lee and Mark Andrews, it’s guaranteed to be good fun. And good fun it is. Following directly on from ELECTENG 101, we look…Continue Reading A summary of electrical part two