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Where can electrical take you?

We’re hurtling towards midsemester break at an alarming rate. For some, this may be great. For part II electrical/computer systems, it’s absolutely terrifying! It’s not the quantity of due dates for us, but the quality. The most pressing being an interview about our design project thus far. But, I’m not going to think about that for now….Continue Reading Where can electrical take you?

A short intro to the darkside

Equipped with little more than Kirchhoff’s laws and a potentially haphazard love for calculus, I decided to choose electrical and electronic engineering (EEE for convenience) as the number one option on my specialisation form. Goodbye friends lost to the other specialisations, ’twas a good one while it lasted. When I tell people I’m doing EEE,…Continue Reading A short intro to the darkside

‘What is Engineering Science?’ and other questions I ask myself in Electrical.

[Before we start, you’ve probably realised that I’m terrible at giving in-depth summaries of course content. Last year’s blogger Chantelle covers this semester’s content in good detail, all of which has barely changed over the previous year.] “If these past few weeks have reassured us electrical engineers of anything, it’s that we’re by no means…Continue Reading ‘What is Engineering Science?’ and other questions I ask myself in Electrical.

Electromagnetic In(tro)duction

Welcome! I’m Brian, and I’ll be your Electrical blogger this year. I have been described by my COMPSYS201 lecturer as “making things rather worse,” and I can only hope to carry over this same positive work ethic and dedication as I enter the blog team this year. Outside of my degree, I’m usually chasing deadlines…Continue Reading Electromagnetic In(tro)duction


It’s the 13th November 2018. Our last (and only) exam was 5th November. Yes, second year Electrical students have only one exam in the second semester. Now this probably sounds like music to your ears, it certainly did when I first heard this wonderful news! While it is nice having only one exam to study…Continue Reading YES I MADE IT