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Q & A With Hazim !!

Hello everyone and welcome back to the blog! In today’s post, I have a special treat lined up—an exclusive interview with the lecturer many of you adore from the memorable (for better or worse) Part I course, ENGGEN121. Fun fact: if you were all ears during his inaugural ENGGEN121 lecture, you’d recall that he’s an…Continue Reading Q & A With Hazim !!

Mechatronics Internships!!

Hey guys! Welcome back to another blog where I will be going over some general tips for finding internships but I will also be providing some specific insights for mechatronics students. A few words before I get into the finding internship stuff, as a required part of your degree you must complete 800 hours of…Continue Reading Mechatronics Internships!!

Mechatronics Part II, Sem Two

Welcome back to another blog! In this blog I will be going over the much anticipated course reviews – semester two edition of course. Overview Let me get this out of the way first, in terms of workload I don’t think semester two is significantly easier compared to semester one BUT it is definitely the…Continue Reading Mechatronics Part II, Sem Two

Extracurricular Activities!!!

Hey guys, in this blog I will be going over some of the activities and programs you can participate in so keep your eyes peeled for them next year! Case Competitions Although case competitions are not as popular among engineering students, they are an excellent way to further develop your critical thinking skills and apply…Continue Reading Extracurricular Activities!!!

First sem in Tron

Hope everyone is having a great semester so far. Can you believe we are already at the end of week 4? As we all try to get our heads around this engineering gig, I bet some courses have got you scratching your head, and maybe you are wondering what happens in the second year. So,…Continue Reading First sem in Tron


Hey! I’m James, and I’m your blogger for mechatronics this year. Over the next few months, I’ll give you a general understanding of second-year mechatronics. Whether you’re leaning towards mechatronics or hoping to gain some insights in the second semester, these blogs can help all of you! Now a little bit about me, my entry…Continue Reading Mechatronics??

Enginearing my limit

And here we are! The last post of 2022, and I’m officially halfway through my degree! It’s fair to say this year hasn’t been all rainbows and butterflies, but it’s been one hell of a ride.  Because I have no idea what to talk about, here’s a few life/uni tips from a dummy (me!) that…Continue Reading Enginearing my limit

A day in the life (of an intern)

Because I procrastinated writing these blog posts (totally not posting three times in one day), you now get to deal with a post-exam Sarina who’s already a month into her internship. Lucky you! I’m currently a Systems Engineering Intern at Beca as part of the Beca Applied Technologies, commonly abbreviated as BAT. They’ve kinda taken…Continue Reading A day in the life (of an intern)

The duck of engineering

Alright, so the burning question y’all want answered – why did I end up choosing mechatronics? (For those of you who haven’t read my first post, I spent the majority of the second half of Part I deciding between mechanical and mechatronics. What made me lean towards the “tronics” side of the fence?) Genuinely, a…Continue Reading The duck of engineering