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A Video Log

Howdy pals, I just wanted to mix things up a bit, with a little video with some iMovie magic… Here’s a little insight into what life could be like for you as Part II student. Engineering is really what you choose to make of it, so attend some events, volunteer to join things and most importantly,…Continue Reading A Video Log

I Wanna Be A Doctor

I cannot believe it’s already almost the mid-semester break. This brings about tests and stress (and also the Engineering Revue which you should all be going to watch). This semester has hit me a lot harder than the first one – the three Mech related courses are tough. All three are very content and concept…Continue Reading I Wanna Be A Doctor

Coffix, Please Sponsor Me!

Whirlwind. That is exactly how I would describe my so far time in Mechatronics. It’s been full of trials, errors and a lot of coffee. Amounts of coffix and fabulicious sherbets I’d never seen before. Let me introduce myself. My name is Jaynie and I’m basically always on the verge of a heart attack –…Continue Reading Coffix, Please Sponsor Me!

A Few Parting Gifts

The end of the year is here and with it my last post. It’s been rough and I know I’m waaaaayyyyyyy behind on my posts. Apart from exams for MECHENG 211, 222 and ENGSCI 311, the main event for Mechatronics near the end of this semester was the last assignment for MECHENG 270 which was…Continue Reading A Few Parting Gifts

One Early Monday Morning…


With 24th of July came the most annoying end to the holidays: Explanation: notification comes out on Canvas at 7.30am telling the students with MECHENG 270 labs at 8 and 9am that the labs are cancelled this week. Thumbs up, lecturers! Now I can’t really call this year’s inter-semester break a holiday – Warman project,…Continue Reading One Early Monday Morning…

Still Alive… For Now

First off, huge shout out to the guy who left his MECHENG 242 exam room screaming, “FREEDOM,” like that guy from Braveheart. This semester has had its share of ups and downs: the fact that Mechanical and Mechatronics were the last cohorts to finish exams was a little demoralizing. But hey, we pulled through in…Continue Reading Still Alive… For Now

The New World

Hope you guys had an amazing break! Though I’m sure it’s been ‘part-time’ break for some of you – those GPA 9s aren’t going to make themselves. In this first post, I’ll give you a run-down of Mechatronics so far and why I chose it. Why Did I Choose Mechatronics? First years tend to choose…Continue Reading The New World