BURNOUT WEEK – (featuring some very burnt out mech people)

As you can tell by the title, this week has been RiDiCuLoUsLy busyyyy! I’m pretty sure the entire second year engineering cohort is suffering from Burnout Syndrome 🤯, so if you have any friends in second year engineering, please give them a hug when you see them. 🥰

Because I have been a bit behind schedule with my blog posts, I have recruited some lovely people (super huge thank you again!) doing mech to answer some of my questions. Hopefully these different perspectives convince you to specialise in mechatronics/mechanical! (If you are already specialised and reading this, I hope this secretly makes you want to do mech instead. 😉)


Favourite thing about mech? (Or why you are doing mech?)

JERRY Z: The two mech specialisations are the ones I reckon best encapsulate the meaning of engineering: design. A large focus is put on the engineering design process which is what distinguishes this degree from a science one—actually applying what we learn, to solve real life problems. (Plus, not a single part one course’s worth of effort will go to waste, as knowledge from all of them will be drawn upon, unlike other certain specialisations… ahem software.)

JOSH B: My favourite thing about mech is how broad it is. For instance I could work in a range of different areas such as automotive, aerospace, marine or health care. At university I am really enjoying being part of Formula SAE as I get to do real engineering designing and build a FSAE race car. 🏎️

VANESSA (ME): I chose mechatronics because I thought this was the best specialisation that would allow me to use my strengths (problem solving, designing, maths and physics) and combine my interests (mechanics, fascination with how materials work, coding and sustainability) to help people throughout my future career. 😊


Favourite procrastination activity or interests/hobbies/involvements when not studying or being burnt out from uni?

JERRY Z: Dancing probably. 🕺 We’re very fortunate to have an outlet to showcase our more artistic talents in the annual engineering revue. I performed in the dance groups this year and I highly recommend joining next year!

JOSH B: Surfing is my favourite hobby and escape from uni. I try to get out in the water once every two weeks. 

ME: Sometimes, I think I’m secretly a creative arts student because I play and teach piano, sing and draw in my free time. I even acted in a German drama play this year! 🎭


Favourite/least favourite course this year and why?

JERRY Z: MECHENG 201 (Introduction to Mechatronics) has got to be my favourite because you get to put your ENGGEN 131 skills to use in actually coding VEX robots to complete line following tasks! It’s a shame conjoint students will miss out on this course however.

JOSH B: My least favourite course is MECHENG 236 (Design and Manufacture 2) as it feels very similar to MECHENG 235 (Design and Manufacture 1), the paper I did in first sem. We also have a bridge project worth 43%, which lasts the whole semester. I prefer multiple smaller percentage assessments. 

ME: MECHENG 242 (Mechanics of Materials) is still my favourite course so far this year. I experienced so many “a-ha!” moments that actually made me so happy even though I spent hours attempting problem sheet questions. It’s honestly so fascinating learning about different materials (think CHEMMAT 121) and then doing calculations and solving problems related to them.


Give a mini rant of how your week has been. 😂

JERRY Z: I can’t believe how the department decided to pack so many things into the same week. A thermofluids test, client meetings for mechanical design projects, a coding project deadline for mechatronics students, all on top of a deadline for a 10 person report for ENGGEN 204!

JOSH B: This week I have a lot of bridge project stuff to do, a test to study for early next week, and a part to make for FSAE so it looks like I won’t have a weekend. 😥

ME: Not entirely sure how I’m still functioning at this point tbh. 😑 Highlight of my week was motivating my MECHENG 222 clan to complete this week’s Wiley assignment and being the winning clan of the week!


Mini appreciation/admiration post of any lecturer of your choice.

JERRY Z: If you thought Hazim was amazing from ENGGEN 121, oh boy you’ve only seen the tip of the iceberg. Getting Hazim for not one but two courses in part two is enough of a reason to choose mech as he always does demonstrations in class which are super helpful!

JOSH B: Tbh, even though it can be hard to understand, I found it really entertaining listening to lecturers with foreign accents like Hazim and Vladislav. (Extra from Vanessa: Minas’ Greek accent has got to be my favourite.)

ME: Best lecturer profile picture award goes to Jonathan Stringer who taught MECHENG 242. Check it out here: http://bit.ly/j-stringer.


Thanks again for reading and hugs are appreciated to help with Burnout Syndrome.