Year: 2019

10 secrets you didn’t know about Engsci (number 8 will shock you!)

Clickbait’s a good way to get attention right? Well, since you’re around, you might as well give the electrical blog a final read. Hi all, and welcome to what is my last blog for 2019! As promised, I’ll finally give you the rundown of our second-year Electrical design project (which is shared with Computer Systems…Continue Reading 10 secrets you didn’t know about Engsci (number 8 will shock you!)

Love Letter to Mechanical

This is it, the last post from me! Thank you so much to those who’ve kept up with us so far – we write these blogs for you and appreciate it when you visit xx Now, I’ll be honest, I’m in that reflective mood. I’m sitting in my apartment, just had a shower after work,…Continue Reading Love Letter to Mechanical

Goodbye from BME

Salutations to all readers, and welcome to my final blog post of this Biomedical Engineering series.  FINALLY All tests, group projects, presentations, assignments, quizzes, labs, and even exams have come to an end. Merely listing them out brings back the trauma (Looking at you MEDSCI), but now we can finally relax once more over our…Continue Reading Goodbye from BME

Semester 2 vibe check

Hey y’all, Are you vibing? Despite the relief we feel post-exams, it can still be a nervous time while we wait for our final results to arrive on SSO. Are you going to make the Dean’s Honours List? Are you going to have a high enough GPA to be eligible for Engineering Science*? Are you…Continue Reading Semester 2 vibe check