Recap of Part 2 Civil and Final Thoughts | #7

Part 2 of Civil has been an interesting year. There has been a lot of ups and downs, especially during the first semester with the ten million deadlines (or what felt like ten million deadlines) hitting you all at once. I wish someone had told me beforehand that it’s the most stressful semester out of all the three years in Civil, maybe I would have been more mentally prepared for the stress. Also as a conjoint student, there is the additional challenge of juggling yet another paper per semester.  

I recall in my very first blog post I say this not to scare people away, but to be brutally honest and give a head’s up. I believe that just as long as you’re interested in any way, shape or form, in what you’re learning in Civil – you’ll stick it through. Grit will be your best friend. You may not like every paper, but there is a lot of knowledge to be gained from the different courses offering a taste of the disciplines in Civil. Since the concepts overlap between them, it becomes easier to grasp. It also becomes useful when working as an intern and in the workplace, because the disciplines never work on their own. So at the very least you have a basic understanding of the topic at hand. 

In addition, there’s a lot of practical opportunities in the Part 2 courses for those who prefer to learn hands-on through the labs and projects.

Second year Civil is your first step I suppose of becoming a Civil engineer (unless you’re planning to change careers in the future – who knows). It’s a bumpy ride, but a rewarding one. 

To those who are starting Civil in the following year, all the best. 

That’s it from me. Thanks for following along!