Our bloggers

These students have chronicled their challenges, triumphs and amusing stories from their different specialisations areas to help you plan your next step.


James Zeng

Hey! I’m James, an ice-latte fueled Mechatronics Engineering student. I’m passionate about the fusion of mechanical, electrical, and software systems, exploring smart technology, robotics, and automation. Join me on this thrilling journey across part II together!!

Civil & Structural

Alexander Hanoush

Kia Ora! I’m Alex, your dedicated blogger for all things Civil and Structural engineering based. Out of uni, I enjoy surfing, gymming and hanging out with mates. Grab your hard hat and join me as we construct an incredible blogging experience to help you make the right decision!


Ashley Jubelag

Hihii! I’m Ashley, repping Biomedical Engineering for the 2023 Blogger lineup! I’ve long been interested in Medical Technology and am super excited to finally build myself 6 new arms – just kidding… I’m here to be real and seal the deal bout BME! On the side, I cook and hit the arcade. (and Engineering Revue!) Feel free to say hi if you see me!


Julie Jeong

Kia ora! My name is Julie, and I am your Part II Mechanical Engineering blogger of 2023. Having difficulty choosing your specialisation? Come listen to my journey of navigating through Part II Mechanical, how I chose this specialisation, what courses we take, and few little tips here and there.

Computer Systems

AjayKrishna Amberkar

Kia Ora! I’m a second year Computer Systems engineering student scraping my way through the world of coding and electrical whilst doing my best to get work submitted on time. I’m just an average student sharing my real and relatable experiences.

Engineering Science

Amanda Lee

Hi! My name’s Amanda and I’m Part II Engineering Science. When I’m not trying to lose my sanity over university, I enjoy listening to a wide variety of music, going to the gym and spending time with my friends 🙂


Victor Qiu

Hey there! I’m Victor, and I’ll be your Software Part II Blogger this year. Together, let’s unravel the intricacies of this specialisation, where logic, code, and design intertwine. Join me as I navigate my way through a Software and Math conjoint!


Sasha Taylor

Hey there! I’m Sasha, a Part II Electrical and Electronics Engineering student fueled by circuits, power systems and cutting-edge technology. Join me as we unravel the mysteries of electricity and embark on an electrifying journey of innovation and knowledge. Let’s light up the world together! 💡

Chemical and Materials

Hirushi Perera

Hello hello!! I’m Hirushi, your Chemical and Materials blogger! If you’re anything like me and want to bridge the gap between chemistry and engineering, want to learn the science behind materials around you or you really just love mass balances, then come check out my posts to dive deeper into the super awesome world of chemmat!!