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Ahh, finally time to say goodbye to this blog and to being Part Two! I’m so proud of all of us for surviving…ish… and for serving academic excellence 💅 Ahaha, I’m sure we’re all more than ready to move onto greener pastures.

Note: Heard word from a lil’ birdie that you readers want to see more posts about industry experience! While I wish I did have stuff to talk about, I’m a month away from starting mine as a Clinical and Quality and Regulatory intern. I’ll keep you guys updated via my LinkedIn or Instagram – the only person I knew with a Q&R internship was my mentor (the BME blogger from last year) – so if you want a fresh perspective, feel free to connect with me (literally just search up my name I am so traceable)!

Why BME?

Alright, here goes my last shot to sell Biomedical Engineering to you guys. In case you’re still feeling like this:

Reasons why BME is cool and fun guys I swear

  1. Fulfilling career! Awesome knowing the work you do will save so, so many lives and loved ones.
  2. Hub for innovation. BME is one of the crazy new industries that’s always growing – if you are buzzing to make your own mark, UoA BME and the Auckland Bioengineering Institute is one of the world’s best places to do so!
  3. You’re in good hands! Due to being in such a small class, your teaching staff are really attentive and will likely know your name by Week 3. It’s also really helpful having flexibility in deadlines hahaha
  4. True jack of all trades. Literally every other spec says they’re the true jack of all trades but imagine being a hybrid student of Medical, Engsci, Tron, Compsys, Biology (yes, different to Med). The range of things you learn in BME are very diverse for good reason. What makes BME special is being the bridge between engineering and the body, or between scientific medical knowledge and actually saving a life with a product.
  5. Dissect a sheep heart then go solder in the same day, or grow some E.coli with random chemicals. If you don’t feel like being glued to the screen the entirety of university, BME gets your hands dirty with the amount of labs we get to do. Trust me – you do not want to be glued to the screen the whole day.
  6. Awesome community – hey small class and everyone feels familiar, great teaching staff and a really great parent club – BESA!

Honestly, I’m fortunate enough to say I genuinely enjoy my spec and am not being held at gunpoint to say this. As a person who doesn’t want to choose, BME is just the perfect solution.

Dear Part Ones, from an Ex Part One

I’m… admittedly not the best to take life advice from, but I sure have learnt enough to survive this far. Whether you’re fresh off Part I or some lurking Part 2-4, hopefully, these may resonate even just a teensy bit with you.

It’s okay to not know what you’re doing.

Because no one does either! 😀 No, really, its all about trying to figure it out as you go. If you’re still stuck on course selection, welI.. hope the blogs will help, but if you need an extra push, look at what companies are out there in your field of choice. Then become delusional an pretend you’re in there. Do you like it? Do you fall asleep at your desk? Do you feel like the work you do counts as something important to you personally? Just. Use delusion to figure out reality.

Also, talk it out with someone. Clarity comes easier with another perspective… Not that your final decision should be based on someone else..

PLEASE don’t choose spec because your friends are.

yikes, one of the worst decisions one could make. I’m sure you can keep your friends even if they’re not in the same spec, and you’ll always make new friends in your current spec anyway. You are your own person guys don’t let the bro code stop you from following your dreams

Don’t be too hard on yourself.

Ahh.. I’m sure you all are anticipating the number between 1 and 9 that will determine the trajectory of your life. And maybe, sometimes, you get it and you get paranoid that you won’t make it into the spec you want to be in. I have to say that – its worth it to just hold out, there’ll be a chance you’ll get in even though your GPA doesn’t look like the standard candidate. You did great regardless and the future is full of silly but maybe great surprises. And more importantly…

Many roads lead to the same destinations… like jobs

Have a future career in mind but unsure if you’re on the right track to it? The right track technically doesn’t exist 😀 example: several former BME’s are now software developers for other companies, and such is the case for like, every other spec. Don’t have a future career in mind want a destination full of… money… well, anywhere in engineering can take you to a good place ^^


Put that iPad screen off and go outside!! Touch grass!!!! But seriously, its so easy to get so caught up with uni that you get overwhelmed by the 8 things due on Friday that you think all you are right now is a ball of suffering. Go outside, get a change of place (that isn’t games) and just, ground yourself man. The world is so much bigger than the scary 101 exam, trust.

Once againnn, you all are superstars and the future is indeed bright no matter the outcome. Why? Cuz the future is in your hands! Hope everyone has a great break and I hope to see some of you in BME in 2024!


Ashley Jubelag, 2023

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