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Eye-opening perspectives

If the last blog wasn’t in-depth enough for you, I have brought you two of the best in the business to tell you more about Engineering Science! Kevin and Justin taught the OR and CM sections in ENGSCI263 respectfully and have done an amazing job this year! They are both outstanding lecturers and pride themselves…Continue Reading Eye-opening perspectives

Siri, set timer for 3 weeks!

Welcome back everyone, and I hope you are all finding ways to stay motivated and healthy during this lockdown! Because personally, I’m starting to look more and more like my cat-friend Jerry over there. As the end of semester two fast approaches, I thought I’d give you all a rundown of the four papers I…Continue Reading Siri, set timer for 3 weeks!

Fun times in EngSci!

Before I delve into the depths of Engineering Science, I thought I would outline the cool adventures and opportunities Engineering Science has to offer.   Friends! I thought I would mention briefly about my time during lockdown as a first year engineering student. Unlike most others, lockdown was my favourite period last year due to…Continue Reading Fun times in EngSci!

Exploring Newmarket Campus – Looking at Fourth Year Mechatronics Projects

Still deciding which specialisation to pick? MECHATRONICS is obviously the answer! If my previous blog posts still haven’t been able to convince you to choose MECHATRONICS, maybe this one will. 😉 I had a fantastic time looking at the part four MECHATRONICS (and mechanical) projects down at Newmarket campus a few days ago. There were…Continue Reading Exploring Newmarket Campus – Looking at Fourth Year Mechatronics Projects