Ben’s Lit Official Greetings (B.L.O.G.)

What’s up Engineers!

I’m Ben and I am the lucky Part II Engineering Science blogger for 2021! I trust you’ve enjoyed your first year of engineering so far and are excited to choose your specialisation for second year! Whether you’re here to read about my fantastic blogs or get a better understanding of Engineering Science, I’ll try my best to do both!


About Me!

Enjoying my summer while it lasts!

I originally hail from Dunedin, home of the steepest street in the world! I moved up to the Big Smoke last year and am really enjoying the change of scenery. Funny enough, Michael (the last Engsci blogger) and I went to the same school together!

I study a Commerce and Engineering Conjoint degree majoring in Operations and Supply Chain Management and Finance. In my spare time, I enjoy going to the domain with some mates and kicking a rugby ball over the posts like Damian McKenzie or swishing some threes like Steph Curry on the basketball court or attempting to play something decent on the piano. I love all things outdoors, road trips, skiing and also enjoy having a hearty yarn with good people.

I’m super excited to produce some more insightful content about Engineering Science so keep an eye out for more of Ben’s Blogs. Feel free to reach out to me on Facebook or connect with me on LinkedIn ( and I’ll be more than happy to answer any questions!