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Kia ora everyone, Well, it sure has been an intense couple of weeks.  I have had pretty much zero time to blog, as we have all been busy with our SOFTENG 206 design project and studying for tests.  To be honest, it’s been a pretty good semester, with so many good memories made, but I…Continue Reading Survivors

An Update on Semester Two

Kia ora everyone! So, we’ve just passed halfway through the semester and although right now the workload is all good, we know that it’s about to get very bad.  We have a test for SOFTENG 211 in week 9, with a large weighting, so that’s going to be intense.  We are also busy with our…Continue Reading An Update on Semester Two

We’re Back Fam!

Yo!  Semester Two!  Let’s go! Kia ora everyone, We’re back!  And we’re stronger than ever.  Everyone pretty much knows everyone now, and we’re looking forward to what should be an even better semester than last semester.  I hope that you all had a good break.  We’re currently at the end of Week 5 in Semester…Continue Reading We’re Back Fam!

Why did I choose Software?

I think the first question I need to answer is:  why did I choose Software Engineering?  Firstly, let me make something very clear.  I had a very hard time trying to make up my mind when I was choosing my specialisation.  In fact, I never intended to do Software Engineering, so the story about how…Continue Reading Why did I choose Software?

Zain’s introduction

This is Zain here (also known by my friends as Big Z) and I’m going to take you with me on the thrilling and intense journey that is Software Engineering.  So here’s a bit about me.  I went to Avondale College, I love food, I love cars, I play the saxophone, and no, unlike some…Continue Reading Zain’s introduction

Software Engineering – Aimee

Find out why this musician-turned-engineer chose to embrace her creative side and go down the rabbit hole of Software Engineering. Establishing a Level of Complexity “…a technique for managing complexity of computer systems…by establishing a level of complexity on which a person interacts with the system, suppressing the more complex details…” Abstraction (Computer Science), Wikipedia,…Continue Reading Software Engineering – Aimee