Time Travel (or, an Introduction Post)

Imagine if time travel was real. Yeah that doesn’t seem to have much to do with software engineering, but trust me on this one. Just think of all the things you could do if you had the ability to travel through time. What would you change? What wouldn’t you change? So many possibilities – I could win the lottery, prevent global catastrophes, retake my SOFTENG 250 exam…

Unfortunately, time travel isn’t real. And so you’ll never get back the time you just wasted reading this joke. Bummer.

Well, while you’re here, I might as well introduce myself and explain why you, or anyone, would want to listen to me and what I have to say about studying Software Engineering.

Man seated using laptop under stark light in smoke

Me checking my exam grades on SSO (2019, colourised) – I made this look like this! By turning on a single light!

Di Kun is a second year Software Engineering student who would never refer to himself in the third person – because why would I do that? (If you’re wondering how to pronounce that name, just don’t – whatever you have in your head is probably close enough. I’ve heard it all.) When I’m not staring at a computer screen for eight hours a day, I like to design lighting for theatre shows and think of terrible jokes to subject my friends to. All of these things mean that the Engineering Revue is basically a conduit for my personality – if you don’t know what that is, it’s the best student-produced comedy variety show and musical in Auckland (way better than the ones that Med and Law make). I also dabble in many things from PC building to video editing, and in order to stay alive I force myself to run three times a week, if that counts as a hobby.

Over the next few months I’ll be telling you all about my experiences with second year Software Engineering, which will probably include highlights such as:

  • Hopefully passing all of my courses
  • Endless applications for internship positions in the hope that I get a job
  • Looking at StackOverflow way too much for all of my assignments
  • Procrastinating the night before a test
  • Maybe doing non-uni related things here or there when I have the time
  • Exams that are about to end my career

I’ll be talking real soon about my experiences adapting to second year so far and my first semester courses – but you’ll have to wait a bit for that post as time travel isn’t real. In the meantime, you can message me on Facebook, or chat with me in person should you spot me (I still attend lectures!) to ask about anything you like really (although I might charge a consultancy fee if it’s for breakup advice). Alternatively, if you want to experience a different kind of time travel, go back and read the first letter of each bullet point in that list.

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