Category: Chemical & Materials Engineering

A lot to process

Six weeks of semester two have flown by, meaning there’s only six to go, and by this stage you’re probably starting to think pretty seriously about what specialisation you want to go into. So lets take a look into semester two of CHEMMAT: CHEMMAT 232: Process Design The worst part about this paper is that…Continue Reading A lot to process

Balancing it all out

Here we are again, the end of another semester, which just happened to coincide with the end of the America’s Cup, (I had to laugh, the commentators were constantly commenting on how the boats were under massive amounts of stress and strain – and I don’t think I have ever related to a boat so…Continue Reading Balancing it all out

Penelope’s introduction

Hey guys, my name is Penelope, and I am a second-year engineering student studying Chemical and Materials (or chemmat) engineering. A bit about me: I grew up on a farm that was literally in the middle of nowhere, which meant being surrounded by a lot of land and very few people…safe to say that moving…Continue Reading Penelope’s introduction