The End Is Here!

I finally found my strength and ability to sit and wonder what to write. 

I am bad at saying goodbye therefore, trying to say goodbye to everyone who have been reading my blog post for the past 5 months is also hard. 

I get attached easily and I suck at ending something. I prefer to just leave and disappear like I never existed before. 


I guess it is not fair to do that right?

I always prefer closure thus I think you all need one too. 

Which brings me back to I-Just-Watch-Fantastic-Beast-The-Second-One and it is giving me nightmare as (spoiler alert!) the cliffhanger is super duper killing me inside. 

Credence is ….


So, back to what I am suppose to wrap up in this blogpost. Let me kick start everyone with a bit of to-do-list for the summer. 

  1. Start sorting your life about your internship. 
    1. Those CV and cover letter 
    2. Company prospectus 
  2. Apply to do ENGGEN 299 as early as possible 
    1. Possible to do it this summer so that you can enjoy next summer 
    2. There are two options available MIT or AUT. So, apply quick if you have preference. 

Other than that, ENJOY the summer and have a great holidays ahead. 

(Insert happy-sad song here)

*mic drop*