Month: November 2018

The End Is Here!

I finally found my strength and ability to sit and wonder what to write.  I am bad at saying goodbye therefore, trying to say goodbye to everyone who have been reading my blog post for the past 5 months is also hard.  I get attached easily and I suck at ending something. I prefer to…Continue Reading The End Is Here!

Well… That Just Happened

So, we are done!   As of this blog, we are a few weeks removed from exams, and I hope you all are enjoying a well-deserved break. It’s a huge accomplishment to finish your first year of uni, so savour the moment and enjoy the freedom!   Being the end of the year, this will…Continue Reading Well… That Just Happened

Done and Dusted

Another year done and dusted. I had my last exam last week and it feels so good to be done. No more assignments and tests for 3 months and a long and enjoyable summer out of Auckland to look forward to. As I explained in my first blog, if you are anything like me, you…Continue Reading Done and Dusted


It’s the 13th November 2018. Our last (and only) exam was 5th November. Yes, second year Electrical students have only one exam in the second semester. Now this probably sounds like music to your ears, it certainly did when I first heard this wonderful news! While it is nice having only one exam to study…Continue Reading YES I MADE IT

Past, present, and future

This year was incredibly amazing. Sorry I had to rewrite that sentence about 10 times and I settled on something lame like that. It was filled with lots of ups and downs, mostly relating to the stress of assignments, tests, internships, etc etc. However, it’s definitely the best year of my life so far, and…Continue Reading Past, present, and future