Semester 2 so far

Hi everyone!

We are halfway through the second semester and its getting busy. We have our 209 project and labs due every week for 209. However, the labs help us understand the project specifications and allows us to do the project tasks with a little ease but it still is pretty hectic. We have tests coming up soon, ELECTENG 204 is in week 9, two ELECTENG 209 tests in week 10 and COMPSYS 202 tests in week 11.

In week 11 we also have our Phase II interviews for ELECTENG 209 for which we are expected to know everything happening in the project and the reason behind it. Basically making up for the lack of an exam.

For ENGGEN 204, to be honest, there isn’t much to say. We have a report due every week for 4 weeks, in which each report is worth 7%. This paper really takes up a lot of the time which is really not a good thing. As we have the project to do and study for other papers’ tests, this paper just comes out of the blue and asks for a report each week and also we had to write a technical report worth 25%. The technical report took a lot of our time and around the same time the composes assignment was also due and there was also the 209 labs. My organisation skills and multitasking skills were really being tested at that time of the semester. Fortunately, I managed my time well and ended up getting good marks for most things.

We haven’t had much free time this semester but Parsa (Electrical and Electronics Engineering), Salina (Computer Systems Engineering) and I took out some time to make a small video, something like a vlog, explaining each course and what you should expect from Computer Systems in semester 2.

Hope you like it and find it informative.

PS. Make sure to check out Salina’s youtube channel and my youtube channel as well. She makes vlogs and travel videos, whereas I make cover songs.