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Kia ora koutou and hello! I extend my greetings to you all, regardless of whether you’re already pretty dead set on mechatronics, to those of you who still have absolutely no clue what to pick and are hoping sem 2 will give you a better idea, cheeky Part II’s from some crazy year in the…Continue Reading M-megatronics?

Enter Computer Systems

G’day, I’m Lachlan Hickey and welcome to the part 2 Computer Systems blog for 2022. Bit about me; I was in computer science for a semester before switching to engineering in second sem with the plan to do mechanical but William, 131 and the boolean algebra stuff in 101 made me wanna act up and…Continue Reading Enter Computer Systems

An Introduction

Hi Engineers!!  I’m Sophie and I will be your lucky part II blogger for mechanical this year! Hopefully you have enjoyed your year so far and are stuck into semester 2 content already. Adapting to the university workload can be challenging but I hope you have found your footing. With the start of semester 2…Continue Reading An Introduction

Suffering Time

Hey team! I’m Natalie, a part II Engineering Science and Asian Studies conjoint student, and I’m your engsci blogger for this year! Hope you’re all having a good time in first year so far, must’ve been tough being online for the first few weeks of University Life- but been there done that, it only goes…Continue Reading Suffering Time

2022: A Civil Odyssey

Civil or not to civil? That was the question I’ve been asking myself for the good part of the last several years. On one hand, I had anticipated it to be a long and difficult road filled with stress and challenges. On the other hand, I am more frightened by the thoughts of regret than…Continue Reading 2022: A Civil Odyssey