An Introduction

Hi Engineers!! 

I’m Sophie and I will be your lucky part II blogger for mechanical this year! Hopefully you have enjoyed your year so far and are stuck into semester 2 content already. Adapting to the university workload can be challenging but I hope you have found your footing. With the start of semester 2 I am sure you are all thinking about what specialisation you are wanting to dive into. I hope my posts this semester will help with tricky decision!

I’m originally from Hamilton and came up to Auckland for uni. My first year at uni I was actually studying a Bachelor of Science in Biomedical Science. After semester 1 I had the realisation that this was not what I wanted to do. I was sick of biology and chemistry and soon decided that I wanted to do engineering. I had a few friends from my hall studying engineering and their work always seemed more interesting. Engineering had always been my other option in high school so I decided to pursue in 2021. Luckily I did as now I am studying mech and loving it. Outside of uni, I have a part time job, enjoy hanging out with my friends, running and procrastinating my studies.

When I was in part 1, deciding on a specialisation was extremely tricky, especially considering how indecisive I can be, so trust me when I say I can emphasise with you all. I think I read through nearly every blog post as I wanted a students perspective more than anything. I hope my posts this year can provide a bit more insight into mechanical engineering.

The main reason I chose mechanical engineering was because I wanted options when I finished my degree. It is a great degree to have to be able to move between fields in the real world. I didn’t want only one pathway when I got out as I wasn’t exactly sure what I wanted to do with my engineering degree in future. I also wanted to include an element of design in my degree. With that in mind, as well as enjoying enggen 121 and engsci 111 (and loathing electeng 101), I chose mechanical as my specialisation.

You are welcome to find me on my linked in ( or my socials if you have any questions 🙂

– Sophie


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