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It feels weird we are already in semester 2, let alone about to start the second half of semester 2. This year has gone so fast it’s scary, the heavy workload of part 2 definitely has contributed to that. Not going to lie, I barely remember what I’ve done this year, in fact someone to do with an internship asked me what courses I was doing and my mind went completely blank (was super embarrassing and really bad timing), the only paper I could remember was 236, I’m not exactly sure why that was the one that stood out to me. I should probably give a brief review of the papers so far and my experience in them, so here it goes.

Semester 1

ENGSCI 211 was a nice little break from my other mech heavy papers I found. Its an extension of engsci 111, you definitely do have to work harder than in 111 as there is more unfamiliarity in this paper. I found the data analysis part of the course to be the hardest but maybe that was because I found it the least interesting (sorry) HOWEVER once I actually focused on the content we were learning, it turned out to be moderately enjoyable. The assignments are not too bad, best to just not underestimate the time it takes to complete them.

MECHENG 235, I hope you liked 115 (if you didn’t, then good luck with this paper). We had two major design projects over the course of the semester, the first one being the warman project and then the window washer project. The warman project you work in teams of 4 and for the window washer you work in pairs. Both projects are different in style to each other, I enjoyed both of them equally. A tip for this course would be to remember there is an exam in this course, who would forget that you ask? Me. I am saying this as it is easy to get caught up in design projects and not so much the lecture content, which can be a bit dangerous when the end of the semester comes around.

MECHENG 242, the main thing to remember with this paper is to just stay up to date with lecture content. You have a few quizzes, two tests, two assignments and then the exam. It really is a combination of enggen 121 and chemmat 121.

MECHENG 201 is maybe not so great if you are a mechanical student 😅. The vex project was fun to get the chance to work with robots, you work in pairs for this project and test everything out during the labs so make the most of them!! I think they went easy on us for the exam this year (I hope that doesn’t get me in trouble) so I can’t say much about that, however there is a lot of content for Minas’ part so make sure to keep up!

Semester 2

I’ll keep this part pretty brief as I am only halfway through the semester so I haven’t completed them yet.

MECHENG 236 you do a full semester design project in groups, seems pretty similar to 235 at the moment. I completed ENGGEN 204 last year, it is a paper all the specs do. It’s all about communications and you work in a pretty large group for a project so just contribute to the team and you’ll be sweet. MECHENG 211 is pretty content heavy but I find the lectures to be very engaging and I don’t want to talk about MECHENG 222 🙂 its hard.

– Sophie

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