Goodbye + Good Luck

This is my last post for 2022! Sorry the last posts have been a bit delayed, first there was exam season and now I’m deep into my internship! I hope my posts have helped in some way to determine your specialisation and maybe I even convinced you to choose mechanical!

I haven’t mentioned too much about internships in my posts or tips on how to get them but there is plenty of info in many other posts. I managed to secure one through industry connections so I was very lucky. It’s great to try to get one after second year as it means you can accumulate the hours required whilst you are still at university. Apply to as many as possible, try make some industry connections and if you feel confused or have questions I would encourage you to go to the workshops the university hosts for you. Good luck!

And finally, my main tips for anyone entering part II of engineering, regardless of your specialisation are:

  • Stay organised/make plans
  • Do your research about the different specs before deciding, including researching part 3 and 4 courses, what the industry is like and what type of jobs are out there
  • If you aren’t 100% about any specialisation, try not to choose something too narrow with a direct path, pick something broad (i.e mech!)
  • Take plenty of breaks and make time for yourself

This year has been pretty busy but its great to be halfway through the degree, I feel like I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. Mech part II has been very rewarding, you get to meet some great people and delve deeper into topics you are interested in.

Hope next year goes well!

– Sophie

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