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Semester 2 so far

Hi everyone! We are halfway through the second semester and its getting busy. We have our 209 project and labs due every week for 209. However, the labs help us understand the project specifications and allows us to do the project tasks with a little ease but it still is pretty hectic. We have tests…Continue Reading Semester 2 so far

Civil Still Has Five Papers

This post is a little bit of an intro to the Semester 2 civil papers. I recommend reading my post on the Semester 1 papers (Did You Know Civil Has Five Papers?) before reading this as lots of the Semester 2 papers follow on from Semester 1.   CIVIL 211: Structures and Design 1 –…Continue Reading Civil Still Has Five Papers

An Update on Semester Two

Kia ora everyone! So, we’ve just passed halfway through the semester and although right now the workload is all good, we know that it’s about to get very bad.  We have a test for SOFTENG 211 in week 9, with a large weighting, so that’s going to be intense.  We are also busy with our…Continue Reading An Update on Semester Two

A lot to process

Six weeks of semester two have flown by, meaning there’s only six to go, and by this stage you’re probably starting to think pretty seriously about what specialisation you want to go into. So lets take a look into semester two of CHEMMAT: CHEMMAT 232: Process Design The worst part about this paper is that…Continue Reading A lot to process

We’re Back Fam!

Yo!  Semester Two!  Let’s go! Kia ora everyone, We’re back!  And we’re stronger than ever.  Everyone pretty much knows everyone now, and we’re looking forward to what should be an even better semester than last semester.  I hope that you all had a good break.  We’re currently at the end of Week 5 in Semester…Continue Reading We’re Back Fam!