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Time to Decide?

Kia ora! So I hope that you have all been enjoying the posts I have been making this year and that I was able to give you a slight “appetizer” of the software life.  I hope that you also checked out the other blogger’s posts too because everyone has been contributing a lot of great…Continue Reading Time to Decide?


Kia ora everyone, Well, it sure has been an intense couple of weeks.  I have had pretty much zero time to blog, as we have all been busy with our SOFTENG 206 design project and studying for tests.  To be honest, it’s been a pretty good semester, with so many good memories made, but I…Continue Reading Survivors

Second year Done and Dusted

What a year it has been! For this post, I thought I would break down the reasons for why you should or shouldn’t choose Mechanical Engineering. Let’s start off with the pros: Mechanical Engineering is one of the core engineering disciplines, meaning that the scope for Mechanical Engineers is vast. Students seem to have the…Continue Reading Second year Done and Dusted

What a Year It’s Been

I honestly can’t believe that this year is almost over, and it’s nearly time for you to choose your specialisations for next year. It doesn’t seem like that long ago when I was in your position trying to toss up the pros and cons of a few of my favourite papers from the year. I’m…Continue Reading What a Year It’s Been

Engineering Science ≡ Suffering (I’m being serious. This isn’t a joke)

Engineering Science ≡ Frustration Frustration is a staple ingredient in the computer programming diet. Programming is a staple ingredient in the Engineering Science diet. Therefore, frustration is normal in the Engineering Science degree. I’ve already written about that. Engineering Science ≡ Failure You must have ambition and brains if you’re thinking of signing up for Engineering…Continue Reading Engineering Science ≡ Suffering (I’m being serious. This isn’t a joke)

Semester 2 so far

Hi everyone! We are halfway through the second semester and its getting busy. We have our 209 project and labs due every week for 209. However, the labs help us understand the project specifications and allows us to do the project tasks with a little ease but it still is pretty hectic. We have tests…Continue Reading Semester 2 so far