Semester Two of EEE, One Final Exam!

Hi everyone. Hope semester two has been well for you so far.

Please check out the video above before reading this post.

I would argue semester 2 of Part II Computer Systems Engineering and Electrical and Electronic Engineering is very different to all other specialisation.

We only have one final exam this semester but that does not mean it is going to be an easy semester. It means x10 times more work load during the semester than any other specialisations. In fact, around 330% worth of coursework is due in the last week of the semester. Therefore, skills that you will master by the end of this semester are time management and multi-tasking. It is normal for us now to have around 2 tests and 3 assignments in a week and still continue with our ELECTENG 209 project.

ELECTENG 209 is our analogue & digital design course and this is the paper that makes this semester special. If you love 209, in which I do, you know that you have chosen the right specialisation. Also, UG 1-3 labs (that’s where you had your ELECTENG 101 lab) will become your new home.

Kunal and I have been working hard to create this video about semester two of Computer Systems and Electrical and Electronic Engineering. Our first intention was to create a vlog but I don’t think any vlog is around 25 minutes long and has this much information in it. We tried to cover everything we do this semester in detail and that is why it is a long video (I guess it reflects on how busy this semester has been for us). I would also like to thank Salina for helping us with this.

Hope you enjoy it.

Until next time…

– Parsa Akhavan Zakeri