Mechanically Engineered Diary Entry No. 4

Surprise surprise, only 6 weeks till the end of second year. Yikes!

So what’s changed from first semester to second semester. Well, there is no doubt that this semester has the harder papers. But when you’re in engineering, there is nothing surprising about that.

So let me break it down for you:


First up MECHENG 222, dynamics.

This course isn’t one you want to learn at the last minute. Each concept appears to be the foundation material to the next concept. The first half of the semester is based on coordinate systems and vibration analysis. Both topics are challenging but that’s what makes it ever more interesting. Best tip would be to keep up with your 0.5% wileyplus assignments. Forget the percentage weight and think about the practice you’re getting.


Next up, MECHENG 236, design paper cont.

Cars, cars, and more cars! For those of you who want to get into the automotive industry, this paper has got you covered, in terms of the theory that is. From the engine, to brakes, to hydraulics, this course has your foundation knowledge of cars covered. As for the Movable Bridge project, it’s bigger and better than the Window Washer Project from last semester. The skills you gain from this project ensures you are ready to face an internship role, which you will hopefully have in your hand by this time in the year.¬†


Next MECHENG 211, thermodynamics,

Well, now I know why this course is regarded as the hardest course in second year. I guess the 4 pages of equations and another 4 pages of tables in the formula sheet should have hinted to it. Don’t get me wrong, this course is really interesting. Only thing is that it doesn’t do any favors on your GPA. Best tip would be to read and know the textbook inside out.

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Lastly ENGGEN 204, the communication paper

Well, this paper just got real. My year level had a surprise change in coursework which meant that every week we had to write and submit an opinion based essay related to the four topics; Ethics, Sustainability, Health & Safety, and Maori & Indigenous Issues. Each essay is worth 7% and at the end of the four weeks, you have a peer review worth 12%. I got the biggest 40% shock of my life. Just joking. The essays are quite manageable and you’re marked on your grammar, not your opinion.


Until next time, stay sane.