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Sem 1 paper run

Hello, lockdown whatever number we’re up to now! The lack of new social interactions and activities lockdown brings always makes my brain gift me with memories I had thought well and truly blocked. I’m reliving the most awkward conversations I’ve ever had, the worst tutorials I’ve sat through by myself, the weird eye contact I…Continue Reading Sem 1 paper run

Goodbye from BME

Salutations to all readers, and welcome to my final blog post of this Biomedical Engineering series.  FINALLY All tests, group projects, presentations, assignments, quizzes, labs, and even exams have come to an end. Merely listing them out brings back the trauma (Looking at you MEDSCI), but now we can finally relax once more over our…Continue Reading Goodbye from BME


After 12 and a bit weeks, all classes have finally come to their conclusion (yay), and us students are studying hard for our exams (not yay). Well, most students anyway – instead I thought it would be a good time to share with you the happenings of our final few weeks as Part II Biomedical…Continue Reading BME vs. MOSFET


Hello once again, When one is in the process of choosing a specialisation, or even a degree, consideration of the future is just as important as what is happening right now. For Biomedical Engineering, as I have emphasised throughout this blog series, this future is broad, a little vague, but most of all – exciting.  The…Continue Reading Your FUTURE in BME

The Storm

Oh how time flies when you are having fun. Or when you have a MEDSCI test tomorrow, and a BIOMENG 241 test the week after.  Yep, things went from pretty chill to hectic in absolutely no time at all, and any chance of an actual break during our mid-semester break disappeared (along with my happiness)….Continue Reading The Storm

The Calm Before The Storm

So we are back into the full swing of things now, a third of the way up the cliff of Semester Two and becoming increasingly weary of the crux that lies above us.  The majority of us BME’s are sitting four papers this semester, and I am pleased to report that they are all very…Continue Reading The Calm Before The Storm