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Hunt for the Internship People

Ay yo. It’s ya boy. Skinny GPA. Let’s talk about internships! As you should know by now, all engineering students must complete 800 hours of practical work with an appropriate employer to graduate. Yes. This is compulsory! I know a few fourth-year friends who WON’T be graduating next year because they haven’t completed this requirement….Continue Reading Hunt for the Internship People

Kia Ora!

Hi! I’m Chinmaya (pronounced like “my-chin” but the syllables the other way around). I’m a second-year Mechanical Engineering student here at UoA! I’ve always been super interested in maths and science, so it was a no-brainer to come up to Auckland to study engineering. In my spare time, I play competitive squash, take part in…Continue Reading Kia Ora!

Done and Dusted

Another year done and dusted. I had my last exam last week and it feels so good to be done. No more assignments and tests for 3 months and a long and enjoyable summer out of Auckland to look forward to. As I explained in my first blog, if you are anything like me, you…Continue Reading Done and Dusted

The End of Content

So here we are I’m in the last week of classes, but all assignments are in and all courses have reached the end of their content. With my first exam two weeks away, I have nothing to stress about and I am enjoying having some down time, because I was running on a shortage of…Continue Reading The End of Content

What is a Moveable Bridge?!?

I figure it’s about time I talk about one of the key tasks for me this semester, the 236 Moveable Bridge project. While you may suspect this is simply a version of the first-year truss project we all know and love, the 236 bridge project is far, far better. This is a 12-week long 45%…Continue Reading What is a Moveable Bridge?!?

First Term Over

It’s finally the break, and I couldn’t be happier to be home. As someone who lives far from Auckland, travelling home is a long and tedious process but nothing beats getting out of the big city and back to small-town New Zealand. However, you guys are here to get to know what mechanical engineering is…Continue Reading First Term Over

Into the Fire

I’m aware that I never introduced myself with my last blog, so I suppose I should get that over and done with. Hi, my names Connor Pearson. I’m studying a Mechanical Engineering/Biology Conjoint. My home town is Napier (about halfway down the East Coast of the North Island). It’s a really great place, especially in…Continue Reading Into the Fire

What Doesn’t Kill You

You’d hope that after a whole year studying engineering, I’d have some idea about the specialisation of my choice, but I can honestly say that I had no idea. The last few minutes before the submission deadline were some of the most nerve-racking of my life as I underwent a soul-searching journey to decide what…Continue Reading What Doesn’t Kill You