The End of Content

So here we are

I’m in the last week of classes, but all assignments are in and all courses have reached the end of their content. With my first exam two weeks away, I have nothing to stress about and I am enjoying having some down time, because I was running on a shortage of that over the last few weeks.

The big bridge project I told you all about in the previous post was due in last Friday, and on Monday beforehand, my team finally realised how much work we still had to do. We went on the full grind, pedal to the metal to get everything finished.

I got twelve hours sleep over 5 days and was living on energy drinks by the end, but we did it. A 44-page report and over 80 pages of technical drawings and schematics.

But enough about me, you guys are interested in what mechanical involved in 2nd semester of 2nd year.

And I can tell you there is nothing to fear.

Now that I’m at the end of the semester, I can give my final overall impressions of the courses. MECHENG 211 and MECHENG 222 are by far the hardest courses, but if you go to lectures and work, you can figure things out. Both have some great tutorials which I recommend going to. In the final weeks, the tutorials were basically empty, so I was getting semi-personal tutoring by the great man Hazim himself. However, this is the last class you will be taught by him so worship him while you can.

Rest in peace Hazim. You will be missed.

MECHENG 236 is fine all semester, but hits like a train in the week the project is due. If you’re doing mechanical, you have to expect this. Big design projects are the core of your degree (as much as they may not seem like it but it’s what industry really wants).

ENGGEN 204. If you can write and talk, you’re fine (its about communications after all).

All I’ve got now is the exams, and they aren’t for another 2 weeks, so no need to stress. Talking of stress, there’s one thing I noticed this semester, and that’s to calm down. While a bit of stress in an exam or the final week of a project is good, stress week-in week-out is not good. Take time to relax and chill-out by yourself. I find if you’re more relaxed, university becomes less of a chore, and the content becomes interesting and enjoyable.

So, look after yourselves and relax. This is only university. When you graduate (hopefully you will), no one will care about your uni grades. They care more about who you are as a person.

Stay safe and until next time