Month: October 2018

Σ SemTwo = ?

So, how has Semester II, Part II Mechatronics Engineering treated me? Honestly, it was exactly what I’d expected. It’s tough. Between two pretty content heavy courses, and a coding paper whose second half has left me utterly lost, my favourite course was ENGGEN 204.   The Courses MECHENG 211 – Super content heavy. You thought…Continue Reading Σ SemTwo = ?

Semester 2 Wrap

We’re back team! Themes for this semester: groups, proofs, Excel and…. IC4! Semester 2 has been EngSci as its most raw form expressed through the likes of ENGSCI 255, ENGSCI 263 and a special feature from the compsci department: COMPSCI 225 (elective). The last paper is one I know everyone is looking forward to; ENGGEN…Continue Reading Semester 2 Wrap

The End of Content

So here we are I’m in the last week of classes, but all assignments are in and all courses have reached the end of their content. With my first exam two weeks away, I have nothing to stress about and I am enjoying having some down time, because I was running on a shortage of…Continue Reading The End of Content

A Video Log

Howdy pals, I just wanted to mix things up a bit, with a little video with some iMovie magic… Here’s a little insight into what life could be like for you as Part II student. Engineering is really what you choose to make of it, so attend some events, volunteer to join things and most importantly,…Continue Reading A Video Log


Hey boys and girls! Today I’m going to talk about the most software heavy paper we do this year, COMPSYS202. The lecturers are great, the people who didn’t get into software are now happy and we get to do this paper with mechatronics students which is pretty dope too. COMPSYS202 basically extends what you learn…Continue Reading OOPs

Mount Doom in Auckland

The only mountain I am currently hiking is the mountain of workloads. (The Lord of The Rings reference at it best) so, Hi I guess? Anyone feels like dropping out from school already? Honestly, you are not the only one. Hoping there will be a knight in shining armour to come and rescue you from…Continue Reading Mount Doom in Auckland