Fun times in EngSci!

Before I delve into the depths of Engineering Science, I thought I would outline the cool adventures and opportunities Engineering Science has to offer.



Newfound friends!

I thought I would mention briefly about my time during lockdown as a first year engineering student. Unlike most others, lockdown was my favourite period last year due to having a 15 person bubble in a Hall of Residence. Three of us studied engineering so we were lucky to have one another and help each other out (with academic integrity of course). I managed to maintain a good balance of study and social life as I spent majority of the day watching lectures/taking notes and in the night hanging out playing board games and watching movies with my floor.

Then came 2021! I entered Engineering Science not knowing a single person! Having lived in Waiparuru Hall the previous year, I was still apprehensive on making new friends and unsure on what journey I would take this year. However, my doubts were all cleared in the first month. The culture and environment of Engineering Science is like no other. With a small cohort of approximately 70 students, you get to know everyone pretty easily and everyone is willing to help one another. No matter how hard things get, my Engineering Science friends always have my back and push me to keep going.


Field Trip!

Hole in one!

The Engineering Science and Biomedical engineering field trip to Taupo is a great way to bond with your peers. We had a lot of fun on this field trip! We swam in lake Taupo, went to local bars and sang karaoke, and even swung a few golf clubs in the hope that one of us would sink a golf ball in the middle of Lake Taupo and win $10,000! This was a great time to mingle and get to know your cohort as well as the lecturers who came along as well!

As much fun as we had, we did learn a bit about Engineering Science. We went on tours through Fisher and Paykel Healthcare and the geothermal power plants of Mercury Energy as well as listening to previous Engineering Science students speak about how they got the job they have now.

Field Trip!

Through this field trip, I gained a better understanding on the pathways of Engineering Science and what companies interested me and what bored me! This field trip was a blast and the friendships you forge make this the best memory of the year to date!




Looking outside your studies, I would encourage all of you to get involved in extracurricular activities next year such as clubs, sports, and volunteering! The Biomedical and Engineering Science Student Association (BESA) has many opportunities such as peer mentoring where you get guidance from third and fourth year students, social events such as bowling and dodgeball, and information/internship evenings which personally are the most helpful to a second year student like myself! In these evenings, BESA reach out to previous Engineering Science students who speak about their first-hand experience on how they landed their job. BESA also hold elective nights which helps you choose an elective paper that will actually interest you and CV workshops which are beneficial for your internship applications.

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