Month: September 2021


Sun-lit field with trees.

And… here we go again. August 17, 15:03, 206-115. The news dropped. Delta emerging, lockdown imposing, hug your mates and say goodbyes, online lectures await. I expected a lockdown for a while back then, but just like assignment deadlines, it hits you the hardest when its in your face. And now, Auckland’s broke its own…Continue Reading Lock(down)smithing

But what is civil engineering?

Everyone’s heard of civil engineering: its a career that often becomes the butt of jokes like this one: But what exactly is civil engineering? And surely it doesn’t involve any writing… right? (wrong!) So here it is, a (hopefully) accurate breakdown of the major sub-disciplines of civil engineering. Geotechnical When most people hear civil, they…Continue Reading But what is civil engineering?

A summary of electrical part two

My highly anticipated review/summary of the part 2 electrical courses is here. Enjoy~ Semester one ELECTENG 291: Fundamentals of Electrical Engineering This is THE electrical paper in semester one. Taught by William Lee and Mark Andrews, it’s guaranteed to be good fun. And good fun it is. Following directly on from ELECTENG 101, we look…Continue Reading A summary of electrical part two


And back into lockdown we go… This semester will be my fourth that COVID19 has impacted, but this one has hurt the most. Not only do we not get to see our lecturers lovely faces in person, we now won’t get to actually build our circuits that we have designed and instead we just look…Continue Reading ELECTENG/COMPSYS 209

software reviews: semester one

Who would’ve thought we’d be starting and ending this year with online learning. To be honest, I don’t know how I would have survived the last week before mid-semester break without the much needed extension for assignments. They don’t call it “hell week” for no reason :’)) With all my assignments and tests done for…Continue Reading software reviews: semester one

Social life of a CHEMMAT student

Hey everyone! Now that we’re in the midst of lockdown, thought I’d reminisce on all the fun social events I’ve been to throughout the year. Even as an engineering student you can definitely still make time for a social life. Between CMESA (Chemical and Materials Engineering Students Association), WEN (Women in Engineering Network), and AUES…Continue Reading Social life of a CHEMMAT student

Fun times in EngSci!

Before I delve into the depths of Engineering Science, I thought I would outline the cool adventures and opportunities Engineering Science has to offer.   Friends! I thought I would mention briefly about my time during lockdown as a first year engineering student. Unlike most others, lockdown was my favourite period last year due to…Continue Reading Fun times in EngSci!

Sem 1 paper run

Hello, lockdown whatever number we’re up to now! The lack of new social interactions and activities lockdown brings always makes my brain gift me with memories I had thought well and truly blocked. I’m reliving the most awkward conversations I’ve ever had, the worst tutorials I’ve sat through by myself, the weird eye contact I…Continue Reading Sem 1 paper run