Social life of a CHEMMAT student

Hey everyone! Now that we’re in the midst of lockdown, thought I’d reminisce on all the fun social events I’ve been to throughout the year. Even as an engineering student you can definitely still make time for a social life. Between CMESA (Chemical and Materials Engineering Students Association), WEN (Women in Engineering Network), and AUES (Auckland University Engineering Society) events, there’s heaps of opportunities to put down the books for some more practical industry experience or just a fun night out. Here’s a brief run down on lots of the events I’ve been to so far this year.

I’ll start off with the CMESA events just to give you a few more reasons to join the CHEMMAT cohort next year. The first event of the year was the part II welcome lunch. This was in the first week of in person classes and was a great chance to get to know some of our new classmates and lecturers with some free subway and cookies thrown in there. Next up was the CHEMMAT mixer at shads. We got a free drink on entry and it was just another opportunity for some more mixing and mingling with our classmates, lecturers, and students from part 3 and 4. The next event of the year was the Tip Top industry tour. We took a bus out to the factory and had a process engineer from Tip Top show us around with ice cream at the end also included. It was so cool watching all of the conveyer belts of ice cream move around and watching the trumpet machine had to be a highlight. Next up, CMESA organised an internship evening where part 3 and 4 students came and talked to us about the internship work they had completed over the summer. My next blog post will be related to internships so keep an eye out for that soon. Just before sem 1 exams I also attended the Part II study evening where we got free sushi and donuts and had some part 3 and 4 tutors there to help us out. Finally, the DB brewery tour was about to happen on the Thursday just before we went into lockdown but unfortunately that had to be cancelled which was gutting, but fingers crossed for next year!

These next events aren’t only relative to CHEMMAT students but are just some other engineering events that I’ve been to. AUES organise steins twice a semester so I’ve been to a couple of those included the Angels vs Demons and Olympic Games themed ones. I also went to the engineering ball which we were so lucky to squeeze in the weekend before we went into lockdown. We were very lucky that no one at the ball had COVID otherwise that could’ve turned out terribly with 700 odd people there. I’ve also attended quite a few WEN events including the cocktail night, drinks and desserts night, and the WEN gala. These were all great events that gave us an excuse to dress up fancy and go out and socialise for the night.

As you can see there are so many opportunities to get away from the study to go and have some fun because always remember, balance is key. For now though, I hope you’re all surviving lockdown and hopefully it won’t be too much longer. As always, feel free to reach out if you need and I’ll catch ya next time.

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