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Here to Play Russian Roulette?

Engineering Science so far has been like riding a roller-coaster with no seatbelt, blind. Confused? Let’s review and use a scene from “The Office” as an analogy to further explore the idea. Here, Andy’s boss, Deangelo (me) is attempting to sell Andy (EngSci) as a paper salesman to a client, Boris (you, in this case,…Continue Reading Here to Play Russian Roulette?

Alright Alright Alright

Alright, alright, alright. After my terribly vague EngSci intro, I thought I should follow with some super specific deets. That is, the Semester 1 review; highlighting BIOMENG 221, ENGSCI 233 and, of course, ENGSCI 211. Quick note: semester 2 so far has been in no way reflective of semester 1. BIOMENG 221: Mechanics of Engineered…Continue Reading Alright Alright Alright

What is EngSci?

Engineering Science. What is it? I suppose it’s just a glorified applied maths degree. So you’ve come to learn a little more? Well, I can’t say for sure you’ve come to the right place but I hope I could provide some insight, as an insider to the captivating (and mostly busy) life of an Engineering…Continue Reading What is EngSci?

Engineering Science ≡ Suffering (I’m being serious. This isn’t a joke)

Engineering Science ≡ Frustration Frustration is a staple ingredient in the computer programming diet. Programming is a staple ingredient in the Engineering Science diet. Therefore, frustration is normal in the Engineering Science degree. I’ve already written about that. Engineering Science ≡ Failure You must have ambition and brains if you’re thinking of signing up for Engineering…Continue Reading Engineering Science ≡ Suffering (I’m being serious. This isn’t a joke)

Engineering Science is hard. But it’s hard for a reason

When you sign up for Engineering Science, you’re not signing up for a garden-variety degree. You’re stepping into a high-performance program. ‘Challenge’ doesn’t give this specialisation justice. EngSci will stress-test you and destroy your soul if you’re not on the ball. Everyone has a course that takes a sledgehammer to their stomach. While it might…Continue Reading Engineering Science is hard. But it’s hard for a reason

Tyler’s introduction

What up my volatile little vipers Here’s all the important information about me: Name: Tyler Degree: BA/BE(Hons), specializing in Engineering Science and (potentially) Psychology/Sociology. Birthplace: Palmerston North. Spirit Animal: Tigger, the bouncy thing from Winnie the Pooh. Favourite way to waste time: Memorable Engineering moment: Sending an email to one of our lecturers, Peng Du,…Continue Reading Tyler’s introduction

Engineering Science – Shasa

Join Shasa as he looks for an answer to that age-old question: what is Engineering Science? The Story So Far… As of writing we have just finished lectures for semester 1. First, here’s a general overview of the semester. Over all specialisations, everybody agrees they are working much harder. Most people in Engineering would agree…Continue Reading Engineering Science – Shasa