What is EngSci?

Engineering Science. What is it?

I suppose it’s just a glorified applied maths degree.

So you’ve come to learn a little more? Well, I can’t say for sure you’ve come to the right place but I hope I could provide some insight, as an insider to the captivating (and mostly busy) life of an Engineering Science (EngSci) student and any skills I gain along the way.

First and foremost, a quick intro. Currently my degree is an EngSci commerce conjoint majoring in finance and (possibly) marketing.  When I’m not behind a course book and a coffee, ideally I’d be on the road or a hike somewhere with a waterfall nearby – the goal: get as far away from anything Python related as humanly possible.

So why should you favour EngSci? I can start by answering why I opted for EngSci. Going into engineering, I had no clue which specialisation I would end up in. Since you’re reading this, I’m assuming we had the same idea; check out all the core courses and go from there…  Wrong.
By the end of first year I had still not made a decision, which is exactly how I ended up in EngSci.

Engineering Science is the most wide-ranging and versatile engineering degree. I chose by not choosing and somehow managed to dodge the few Part I course topics I didn’t enjoy as much.

Although, if you want the EngSci specifics, feel free to catch me online or off.

– Marah