The Whirlwind

Hey everyone! My name is Anton, and I am a Part II Civil and Environmental Engineering student. Hopefully I’ll be able to give a fairly good representation of the whirlwind that is Part II Civil and perhaps even provide some cheeky tips on how to survive the year.

Unlike other specialisations, Civil has the vaunted 5 paper per-sem requirement that is, and most definitely should be, flexed over your peers from other specialisations along with complete randoms at a moderately annoying rate. The number of papers contributes to a vast scope that allows understanding of all sub-disciplines encapsulated in Civil, but before I get more into depth let me tell you a little about myself!

I love playing rugby and basketball (basically any sport), have sort of bounced around a bit globally (used to live in Singapore, and keep moving around the Auckland region), and am generally a big advocate for great conversation. I chose Civil Engineering because I’ve always been fascinated about large scale infrastructure around me. I’m sure everyone as a kid asks themselves how such humongous structures stay standing, or why such intricate detail plays such a pivotal role in the effectiveness of designs. Well Civil basically has the whole package in terms of its broad impact on the world around us.

Being a newcomer in my family to Engineering, I didn’t have much of an idea of what the Engineering (or Civil for that matter) experience actually was. I reckon the Part II blogs provide fantastic insight, so I hope the same feeling is conveyed through my posts!