Discovering Chemmat 101

Remember those days when you think your future is very uncertain and you are so scared to face tomorrow? I remember that day because for me as an international student in UoA, leaving my home country and coming back to continue my second year as Chemical and Material Engineering (Chemmat) student caused a huge breakdown for me at the airport. Everything seems so uncertain and scary regardless of the previous year already being away from home.

Part-II is a whole new level with smaller lecture class and specialisation, making turning back no longer an option.

Thus, that is where I come into play
*Dramatic drum rolls*

To help in giving the insider view of what the Chemmat specialisation is like. I am Hanz and I am from Malaysia ( I know you will start googling where on earth that is because I get that a lot )
Honestly, I don’t expect myself getting a place in Chemical and Materials specialization as during Part-I, Bryony and Steve make everyone fall in love with Chemmat 121 and that is where I got hooked up too, and I realised that Chemmat is the specialisation for me. I did some research to help me with the prospect of the specialisation in the future and I found out that the specialisation is wide and the industry will evolve with new technologies. A


I got scared as I go into a few talks and read the Part-II blog. They mentioned that Chemical and Material Engineering is nothing like Chemmat 121. Within weeks of starting the specialisation, I would say that that statement is overrated. The fun and exciting lecturers are waiting ahead. I am amazed by the enthusiasm of all the lecturers from the Chemical and Material Department in order to deliver their knowledge. They know their “material” very well!! Do you get it? 😉

Yes, it is not all about the material part as now we have to learn about the processing part too but still, I think Chemical and Material Engineering is something that everyone could relate to easily and the possibilities are endless. I am so excited to share the experience I had during the first semester of my part-II next time.
See you again in the next post!